As you know, post-secondary education is costly. It is, therefore, to your advantage to be familiar with the various sources that offer financial assistance for post-secondary study. Generally speaking, financial assistance may be categorized in the following ways:
1. Scholarships -are based on school/community involvement and/or academic merit.
2. Bursaries -are based on financial need and do not need to be paid back.
3. Student Loans -are provided by the Federal and Provincial Governments, Banks, such as the Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank, and other financial institutions. Loans do need to be paid back with interest, usually on a monthly installment, starting about six months after the completion of your program.


Scholarship Scam Alert!!
Be aware of scam artists - here are a few of the most commonly used approaches:
Scam #1: ~Never pay a fee to apply for a scholarship.
Scam #2: ~Watch how much personal information you provide. ~All scholarships have an eligibility requirement, but no legitimate scholarship application requires a cheque, credit card or banking information.
Scam #3: ~There's no such thing as a guaranteed scholarship that you qualify for simply by applying. ~All scholarships will require you to meet a certain eligibility criteria and most of them are extremely competitive. ~
Scam #4: ~Scholarships don't come looking for you. ~If you receive a phone call or letter or email telling you that you've been "selected" or won a prize - beware.
Scam #5: ~"You can't get this information anywhere else" no legitimate scholarship sponsor will align itself with only one scholarship matching service provider.


To assist you with your research on financial assistance, we have put together a list of scholarships, bursaries and awards that have arrived in our schools. Here is what you need to Know:
  • the scholarships are listed chronologically by the application deadline and by category (whenever applicable) and include criteria, monetary value and contact
  • new scholarships that arrive in the current school year will be added to the existing list
  • providing you meet a scholarshipís criteria, you may download the application form from the donor's website or you may contact your Career/Counselling Centre, complete all the necessary work (including reference letters, transcripts, etc.) and mail all the required material, well before the application deadline
  • in some occasions, the applicantís school must nominate the most qualified student(s). In this case, each school will inform the students via announcements or notices
  • it is possible that the information on the scholarships listed here may change (i.e. changes in the criteria, value or application deadline may occur)
  • it is your responsibility to sort through all the information well before each scholarshipís/bursaryís deadline and to complete all required work - teachers, counsellors, and administrators need at least 2 weeksí notice to write your letter of reference
  • the list of scholarships shown on this website is by no means a comprehensive list. ~You are encouraged to contact the Financial Awards Office of any post-secondary institution you plan to attend to ensure that you are familiar with all types of financial aid available to undergraduate students. ~Much of this information is available on the Financial Awards section of each institution's website. Do your research early.
  • As always, students need to remember to use good judgement and be especially prudent when responding to outside scholarship sources.
In addition to the scholarships provided on this website, you will find a list of scholarship websites and resources listed below ñ Good luck with your financial assistance search!


BC Government Provincial Scholarships Program (new for 2015):
Scholarships Canada:
Student Scholarships:
Your Money:   
Student Awards Scholarship Search Site (for Canada and USA):
Scholarship Guidance (Canadian & USA Scholarship Site):
Scholarships for USA and International Studies:
 -Canadian Bureau Of International Education:  
 -US Federal Student Aid: (Log on to your PIN)
-US Federal Student Aid Protect Yourself Against Scholarship Scams:
Scholarships For Aboriginal Students:  
  -Aboriginal Affairs Canada:
  -Indspire Indigenous Education Post-Secondary Awards:
Scholarships For Students With Disabilities:
Scholarship Handbook: 
The Debt Free Graduate:
CanLearn Government of Canada Student Website:


In-School Scholarships & Valedictory Scholarships are processed through a scholarship committee based at the student's home school.  Please visit your Counsellor or the Career Advisor for more information and the deadline to apply.




CanLearn Canada:
Student Aid B.C.:
Financial Aid For students With Permanent Disabilities:


How to Apply for a Government Student Loan:  


JUN 1/16  Canada ñ BC integrated Student Loans Application Portal Opens
Apply for Canada - BC integrated student financial assistance (on or after June 1, 2016) through StudentAid
-If you're approved for funding, you'll receive a Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA)
-Sign and submit the MSFAA to a designated Canada Post outlet.
-You will receive and manage your funding through the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC).
If you have questions or need further information call: 1-800-561-1818 (have your Social Insurance number available).


StudentAidBC Trades Programs Grant - This program provides grant funding to encourage eligible students to attend targeted high priority programs at eligible B.C. public post-secondary institutions. There is no need to apply. You will automatically be assessed for this grant when you apply for a student loan. You may be eligible if you:
-Qualify for StudentAid BC funding for the 2015/2016 program year
-Attend full-time studies in foundation or pre-apprentice programs (listed below in link);
-Enrol at an eligible B.C. public post-secondary institution.
For details visit: