MyEd BC: Online Course Selection 2016/ 2017

Online course selection

Education is more successful when there is a partnership between home and school. Students at Matthew McNair are currently program planning for 2016 – 2017.  Parents play an important role in helping students plan their academic program. Parents understand their children’s individual strengths and needs better than most.  Please help your children select their courses for next school year by following the steps outlined below.  


Step One: Login onto Student Portal

Step Two: Prepare to select course for 2016/17

i)Click the My Info top-tab.

ii)Click the Requests side-tab.

The Requests page appears: At the top of the page, in the Instructions box, read and follow the instructions for entering your requests. Depending on the subject, you can either select any course, or are required to accept the courses recommended for you.

Note: If any of your courses are required or recommended by your teachers, they might automatically appear as requests when you first view the Requests page.

Step Three: Select courses for 2016/17

In the Primary requests box, select your requests for the different subject areas. For example, to select your request for a math course click Select next to Math. The course you can request appear.

Select the checkbox in the Select column of the course(s) you want to request. That course becomes a course request when you click OK and it appears in the Status column. The requests now appear on your Requests page.


Step Four: Post your requests
4)After you complete entering your requests, click Post at the bottom of the page. This lets your counsellor know that you are finished entering requests. If you have not selected enough courses to satisfy requirements for your academic track, the system lets you know which area you need to make more requests in.


Step Five: Logoff and return your option sheet to your counsellor