The new Courtyard is open!

The newly renovated Courtyard is now open to students and classes!  Special thanks to the Richmond School District Maintenance crew and the Courtyard Beautification Committee (CBC) under the leadership of Madame Liu.

These two groups have worked hard to turn what was a an under-utilized, weed-infested and locked area, to what is now a beautiful, open space that students and classes can go to learn, visit, relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Madame Liu and her committee have worked very hard to raise funds to buy benches and planters, plants, flags and "Welcome" stickers in all the languages spoken in our school on the windows.  It is truly a beautiful space and we are very please to make it available to students.

It is important for students to be aware, however, that sound in the courtyard will echo and could disturb adjacent classrooms.  Students are welcome to go there during break and lunch, but the only people who can access the space during classtime are classes, under the supervision of a teacher.  We also must remind students that they have to treat this area as an indoor space--please be respectful of neighboring classrooms, and be sure to keep the area clean of garbage!