Dinner Dance and Dry After Grad

With so much on the horizon, it is important that Grads stay organized and prepared for what lies ahead.  With the Commencement ceremony already completed, the big events left include the Dinner/Dance (Prom) and Dry After Grad.  Tuesday, June 27th will be evening for both of these events.  If you wish to attend, but are not sure if you have paid, please check the lists posted outside the Study Centre and if you are not on them and want to go, see the Business Assistant ASAP.  The cost for the events is $120 for the Dinner/Dance and $75 for the Dry After Grad.

Students will be expected at the school by 4:45 on Tuesday, June 27th.  Everyone will take some photographs and then board the special coach buses that will transport everyone to the Dinner/Dance, taking place at the Waterfront Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.  We will be boarding the buses at 5:00 PM and parents are invited to attend the location for photographs and a parent/child dance between 6:00-7:00 PM. At 7:00 PM parents wil leave and we will start the dinner followed by dancing until 11:00 PM.  

Student will then board the buses and everyone returns to McNair.  Student going to the Dry After Grad will check in and get changed into more comfortable clothing for the all-night party being hosted by the parents.  The Dry Grad will have a variety of events, including inflatable obstacle courses, card games, artists, more food and draw prizes (including a new car!!!).  Be sure to sign up and pay for this event, because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is sure to be a good time!

It is important that our Grads are ready for these events because they come in rapid succession and are not the kinds of things you want to miss.

Let's be safe, have fun and make the Graduation season for 2017 a great memory!