Flex Time

Matthew McNair Secondary School will be introducing Flex Time in second semester to help our students take ownership of their learning and to provide an opportunity for them to seek additional support in order to have more success in their courses. 


  • What is Flex Time?
    • It is instructional time where students will take ownership of their learning and practice self-regulation.  Students will get to choose which of their current four teachers they need to see to get some extra assistance.  They will be able to work on passion projects, make up missed work or tests, get extra assistance from the teacher of their choice and they can study or work collaboratively with other students on group assignments.
  • How will it work?
    • Every Thursday (starting February 8th), students will have a 40 minute block of time (between periods one and two) to get the extra help they need for a particular subject.  Students will have to sign up in advance for the teacher they wish to see, and attendance will be taken to ensure that ALL students are engaged in a learning activity during this time. Each week students can sign up to see a different teacher from their present classes.
  • What are the Expectations?
    • Students will be expected to sign up to see a teacher, and then be in that classroom from 9:33-10:13 on Thursday.  Students will be able to make new choices each week, but they will not be able to leave the class once it starts, and they will not be permitted to leave the property or aimlessly walk the hallways. It is not to be spent socializing, texting, gaming, or wasting time.  Students are expected to be in a learning space, interacting with a teacher and classmates, learning and pursuing their education.


This endeavour is designed to give students greater ownership of their learning by allowing students to get the help from a teacher during the school day; seeking help after hours can be difficult for students who live far away (take the school bus), or have other commitments after school.  By providing this extra support, there is also the hope of reducing the amount of stress students bring home.

The Flex Program will run every Thursday from February 8th through Spring Break.  We will revisit this practice on March 8 by providing a survey to students about how they are utilizing Flex Time.  If the staff and students feel it is beneficial and there is desire to continue for the remainder of the school year and beyond, we will announce that decision in April.  If staff and students find it helpful to have even more Flex Time, we will explore increasing it to Tuesday and Thursdays in September of 2018.  If Flex Time is ineffective and misused, it will be removed after Spring Break.

We will have some Grade Assemblies with students on Janurary 15th and 16th to explain expectations and how Flex Time will work and we will implement the program on Thursday, February 8th.

If you have questions or want more information, please see the attached information flyer, or contact the school at (604)668-6575.

Thank you

Matthew McNair Secondary School