Gingerbread winners!

Congratulations go out to the McNair Cafeteria program and specifically the students who entered the Gingerbread contest in Surrey earlier this week.

There were 23 entries from teaching kitchens throughout B.C.  

Our students put in tremendous effort and time to create some truly spectacular gingerbread displays and they were rightfully very proud of that they produced.  This write-up comes from Ms. Dora Ho, our Cafeteria Instructor:

After much blood, sweat and tears (well, maybe not blood but definitely lots of hard work) and many late afternoons/evenings, our girls put the finishing touches on their projects last night and came home with the following distinctions:

  • Devin Magcalas & Elly Williams achieved silver status for their Mandala Winter Wonderland project. 
  • Maliha Khaku, Nimra Askari & Simran Bapla achieved gold status and won in the Best Theme category for their Nursery Rhyme themed project. 
  • Cheyenne Tu achieved gold status  and won in the Most Creative category for her Celebrate Canada 150 project. 
  • Alison Cheng & AJ Rocha achieved gold status and won in two categories: Most Unique & Best Overall for their Thousand Sunny Days Pirate Ship. 
  • People who placed in one of the 9 categories won a Tim Hortons gift card, so everyone in Maliha's group; Cheyenne; Alison and AJ won one. For best overall, Alison and AJ each won a 6 piece knife set that includes 4 knives, a honing steel, and a knife block. 

A very impressive accomplishment and some astounding creations created by so many of our extremely talented students.  Congratulations to everyone involved!