Pink Day 2018

McNair students and staff wore a sea of pink on February 28 and joined thousands across B.C. in a symbolic celebration of inclusion.  Originally started in 2007 in Nova Scotia by two students after hearing that a younger schoolmate was picked on for wearing a pink polo shirt.  They purchased 50 pink shirts at a local discount store and spread the word online, hoping for a “sea of pink” and the response at school the next day was overwhelming. The awareness movement has grown in popularity and in 2012 the U.N. declared a day in May as “Anti-Bullying Day”. 

McNair Secondary School students are always encouraged to act with kindness,care and respect in their interactions with all people, every day.  Our Leadership class and Student Council group organized a celebration of kindness on February 28 and over 60% of our students and 70% of our staff participated by wearing pink.

Way to go, Marlins!