Grade 11 Graduation Numeracy Assessment

As you may be aware, all students in Grade 11 and below are now on the Revised Graduation program.  One of the changes to the program is that Provincial exams are being phased out and are being replaced with Assessments that all students must take in order to graduate.  One such Assessment is the Numeracy Assessment.  We hosted an assembly with our Grade 11 students on April 10, and wanted to share some of the information we discussed with our parent group.

All students in Grade 11 will have to write the Graduation Numeracy Assessment in 2018 (June 25-27).  Each student will have the opportunity to write the exam three times before Graduations (which is why we needed to start the process for Grade 11's this year).  Students will be scored on a 4-point scale, and that score will be reported on their Transcript, and may be used by Universities and Colleges as part of their Admissions process.

We discussed the exam with Grade 11 students today, so they should be aware.  We wanted you to be aware of this requirement for Grade 11 students also, and would encourage you to spend some time reviewing some of the information accessible.

We strongly encouraged our students to visit the website listed here and watch the associated videos and take the sample exam to help prepare them.  if you have questions about this process, please speak with your child or contact the school.  (Videos)   (Sample Exam)
             **For School District=Richmond
             **For PEN=use your child's or 123456789
             **For Subject=use Graduation Numeracy
             **For Samle Assessment=use Sample Graduation Numeracy Assessment

Thank you

Matthew McNair Secondary School