Last week of Semester One

The final weeks of Semester One are coming up and there is some special scheduling to be aware of.  McNair Secondary will be in session with regular bell schedule and classes all the way until Friday, January 25th. There will, however, be some interruptions to classes so that some students can write the Grad Numeracy Assessment 11 (GNA), English 12, Communications 12, and do Grad Transitions 12 Exit Interviews (the GT interviews and GNA schedule will be posted outside the library and office-students must check the schedules to find out when and where they are expected to write.  If a student is writing a final exam in class, they should write that Final exam rather than attend their GT interview. The student will have to make arrangements with their interviewer to do that assignment at another time.  The same is NOT an option for the GNA.  Students MUST write the GNA when scheduled).

To summarize what is listed on the attached document:

  • All classes will be in session using our regular bell schedule from Monday, January 21st-Friday, January 25th
  • GT 12 interviews will be occurring in the office and Library from January 21st-25th. Please see the posted schedule for dates, times and interviewer.
  • GNA 11 will be written on January 23rd and 24th in rooms 101 and 106 at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Please see the posted schedule for dates, times and room.
  • English 12 will be written in the small gym on Thursday, January 24th at 9:00 AM.
  • Communications 12 will be written in the small gym on Friday, January 25th at 9:00 AM
  • Monday, January 28th is a Pro-D Day.  There will be no classes in session
  • Tuesday, January 29th is a Semester Turn-Around day and will have no classes in session.  Math 10-12 classes will be writing Final Exams in the small gym and in classrooms from 8:30-11:00 AM.
  • Wednesday, January 30th will be the first day of Semester Two.  There will be no Homeroom.  Any course corrections will be made by Counsellors communicating directly with students.


Please be sure to stay organized and prepared for the final exams, assignments and interruptions to class.  It is sure to be a very busy time and there will be lots of pressure on students to get their final assignments and exams completed to a satisfactory level.  Please remember to eat healthy, get some exercise and get enough sleep so you are able to be successful.

Good luck and finish strong!