Congratulations are in order for two of McNair's members of the Graduating class of 2019...

Grade 12 students COLE LANGER and LEON PICHA have been selected as the recipients of the LORAN SCHOLARS FOUNDATION Scholarships for the 2019 school year.  This scholarship is offered Canada-wide and is based on the LORAN SCHOLARS FOUNDATION philosophy:

  • We believe that the promise of a young person is to be found in character. To find Canada’s next generation of leaders, we must look beyond grades and rankings to find the promise of character.
  • At the Loran Scholars Foundation, we identify and support young people who have the integrity and courage to make difficult decisions, the perseverance to work towards long-term goals, the curiosity to better understand the world around them and the drive to make positive change in their communities.
  • Every year, our volunteers dedicate over 6,000 hours to selecting up to 34 Loran Scholars from over 5,000 applicants. Our scholars come from all walks of life and every corner of Canada, from Hazelton, BC to Montréal to Fogo Island, NL.
  • In partnership with 25 Canadian universities and our donors, we challenge our scholars to explore, develop and share their talents. Each Loran Award is valued at $100,000 over four years of undergraduate study, including mentorship and summer experiences.


To win this scholarship is an incredible achievement, and the reward of a $100,000 scholarship over the four years of an undergraduate degree is truly remarkable. As indicated above, there are over 5,000 applications and only 88 qualify as finalists.  Once selected as finalists, students go to Toronto for an interview and only 34 are selected as recipients.  To have two students from the same Graduating class in one school is truly an amazing accomplishment and speaks of the quality of people they are.  We are incredibly proud of both Cole and Leon and want to congratulate them for this amazing and well-deserved achievement.