Program Planning 2019-2020

Students will be Program Planning from Thursday Feb 7th to Thursday Feb 21st.  Counsellors will be visiting students in block B classes to explain what courses are required for the following school year toward meeting graduation requirements.

Students will receive an information session in their block B class and will receive their program planning sheet for the next year.  It is important that students choose wisely as their choices will drive the creation of our course schedule for the following school year.

We will provide students an opportunity to discuss their course choices with their parents who are then required to sign their course request sheet. Program planning guide detailing all the courses offered at McNair, and more detailed information is available on the school website using the following link:

After parents have signed the sheet would like student to go on to the MyED student portal and use the login and password provided on their course selection sheet to enter their choices.  Students will also be provided an in school opportunity to enter these courses with their counsellors during the week of Feb 25-March 1 after which they will be required to return their program planning sheet to their counsellors.  Students are encouraged to speak to their counsellors with any questions.