Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mid-Term Report Cards for Semester 2:

Parents will be able to access students reports cards on Thursday, April 18th at 3pm on the parent MYED portal. Please be sure to login in to view your child’s report card. Please refer to the Parent Portal instructions attached to the post below for detailed instructions in regards to login and navigation of the portal.


Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday, April 24th  (2-4 PM), and Thursday, April 25th   (2-4 PM & 6-8 PM). In order to make an appointment, starting April 8th, please go to the link below to register, and then select the teachers you would like to meet. We encourage all parents to take advantage of this opportunity to speak with your child’s teachers. We all know that students whose parents stay involved in their education do much better. We look forward to seeing many of you on April 24th and 25th. The booking deadline is Tuesday April 23rd at 3pm. To book appointments, please go to:

Please refer to the attachment for detailed instructions, if needed to use the registration website.