Interims go home October 10, 2019

To the Parents/Guardians:

It is the central foundation of McNair and the Richmond School District that success in schools involves the overlapping learning partnership between the school, the home and the student.  McNair is committed to providing the best possible education to each learner as an individual student and as a member of the community and society.  However, only through the cooperation of the student, parents/guardian and the teacher can the school do its best work.

Report cards are produced by our school four times a year and interims are produced once each semester to “report” on the current progress (or final standing) of your student in specific courses.  It is very important to sit down with your student and review this interim report in detail.  If you have questions or concerns, please phone the school to make an appointment with the teacher (s). 

An Explanation of the Report Card Symbols


EE                     Exceeding Expectation

FME                  Fully Meeting Expectation

ME                    Meeting Expectation

NYME              Not yet Meeting 


Work Habits (G, S & N) 

G                         Work habits are good

S                         Work Habits are Satisfactory

N                        Work habits need to improve



Your student’s attendance in each course is reported by the number of classes missed.  In a semester system, regular attendance is extremely important.  Students who are frequently absent or late miss important instruction, work and valuable opportunities to learn. 


P/T (Parent Teacher conference) Requested – Y (Yes) or blank 

Attachment – Y (Yes) or leave it blank – ex. For a student with an IEP. 

Comments – are optional on interim reports.  Some students have done self-assessment