Timetables emailed home

We are ready and are very much looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (Grade 8 and 9) or Friday (Grade 10-12)!

The timetable is now complete and has been emailed to you.  You will see only your Quarter One courses (the courses for Quarter 2, 3 and 4 are still being balanced and will be shared with you later).    You must attend your A block class to get Orientation information this week.

Please note:

    1. Grade 8 and 9 students will be at both classes on all days, from 8:55-2:55, and you will have a supervised, 90-minute lunch (from 11:10-12:40).
    2. Grade 10-12 students will attend only one class each day (either morning or afternoon).  It is imperative that you look at your schedule carefully to see the group you are in.  All Grade 10-12 classes have been broken into 2 groups so that students are able to maintain physical distance from one another.  Most groups have been broken in half by alphabet (last names A-L in group A1 and B1, while last names M-Z are in A2 and B2).  However, because there were examples where the alphabet did not break the class to allow for physical distancing, we have had to move some students from A1/B1 to A2/B2 to balance the classes.  Please check carefully to see which group you are in. Please understand that you are committed to your assigned grouping; NO exceptions to your grouping can be made.  Grade 10-12 students will attend school each day from either 8:50-11:15 or 12:35-3:00.  No Grade 10-12 students are to stay at the school during lunch time. On the emailed schedule, if you are in Period 1, Day 1 you are in group A1.  If you are in Period 1, Day 2 you are in group A2.
    3. Off-timetable classes (AM Strength, Band and RVS) will still happen outside of regular school hours, so please be in touch with your instructor about meeting dates and times.  There will be a 5:00 PM bus for students enrolled with off-schedule classes.


There will be much to cover when you arrive to your A, A1 or A2 classes for Orientation.  Please be on time:

  • Grade 8s will attend on Thursday, September 10th at 8:30 AM
  • Grade 9s will attend on Thursday, September 10th at 1:00 PM
  • Grade 10-12 students in A1 will attend on Friday, September 11th at 8:30 AM
  • Grade 10-12 students in A2 will attend on Friday, September 11th at 1:00 PM
  • All Grade 12 students on an A block Study will need to report to the Study Centre at 8:30, Friday, September 11th


Please note that MASKS will be distributed at these orientation meetings on September 10th and 11th.  Students and staff will each get two reusable masks and you will need to wear them in high traffic areas where it is not possible to maintain physical distance (buses, hallways etc).  We strongly encourage all students and staff to bring and wear their own masks, if they have them.

Please also note that due to COVID restrictions, course changes will no longer be possible.  We had to be very careful with our schedule in order to accommodate all of the requests you made last year, so students will get the schedule they currently have and the only changes that can be considered are for Graduation Requirements or course mistakes (ie: a blank in your schedule or being enrolled in a class the student has already completed). 

Please print and bring your schedule with you when you attend, so you know where to go for your A, A1 or A2 class grouping on Thursday, September 10th or Friday, September 11th

Thank you and we are very excited to see you on Thursday or Friday!

Matthew McNair Secondary School 

PS-please also see the three attachments below for the most recently developed District FAQ as well as a Welcome Back message from District Staff (in both English and Chinese)