• McNair has long been known as a “Caring Community”, and as a staff we have decided to embrace this phrase and make “McNair CARES” our school slogan.


  • The terms and definitions for CARES are:
    1. Compassionate-McNair students are caring and are kind to others.
    2. Accountable-McNair students are responsible to themselves and to others.
    3. Respectful-McNair students are courteous, polite and well-mannered toward each other and to the community as a whole.
    4. Empathetic-McNair students show the ability to share and understand the feelings of others.
    5. Socially Responsible-McNair students recognize their responsibility and obligation to act for the benefit of the community and society at large.


  • We will focus on the following four questions with our students via Student Focus groups, similar to how we have surfaced student concerns over the past five years:
    1. What are you proud of at McNair?
    2. What makes a great school?
    3. Can you name two or more staff members who you feel care about you and are confident that you will become successful?
    4. How can/do McNair staff show you they care about you and your success?