Business Education

Business Education courses offer a variety of opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills for part-time employment and entry level jobs as well as for post-secondary business studies.


This is the 6 week introductory course to the world of Business Education.  Students will touch upon the units of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Promotion by participating in a Barter Economy, creating a product advertisement and a print ad, participate in a Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank unit by creating a prototype product and analyzing and preparing sales pitches for (staff) Dragons/Sharks.  The Technology unit will introduce students to online presentation software such as Prezi.  The Digital Citizenship unit will look at internet safety and protocol with discussions on cyber-bullying, identity theft, phishing etc.  The final project is a video message to their Grade 12 selves presented upon Graduation.

Students are highly recommended to continue with the Grade 9 level course in this area.


This course is a follow up and continuation of Entrepreneurship & Marketing 8.

Entrepreneurship & Marketing 9 introduces students to the world of business and the diverse opportunities within it. In this course a variety of topics will be introduced to give the students a look at the various aspects of business studies.  Students in this course will examine elements of companies, looking at such things as: characteristics of entrepreneurship, foundations of business, how businesses advertise, branding, trademarking, banking and money management. 

This course will build the foundations necessary to understand what happens in the business world, and how businesses market to us, the consumers. Students in this course will develop important skills necessary to navigate in today’s complex society and business world.

Through the content of the course, students will learn proper keyboarding techniques and computer skills, which will be emphasized through various business-oriented software. 


Entrepreneurship & Marketing 10 will continue to build on examining businesses, and building on skills of becoming an entrepreneur. Students will also be involved in business ventures, participate in mock job interviews, create resumés and cover letters, learn about budgeting and complete basic tax forms, as well as other business documents. Other units to be covered include marketing, construction of financial documents, decision-making, budgeting, and economics. 

Through the content of the course, students will learn proper keyboarding techniques and computer skills, which will be emphasized through various business-oriented software. 

This course is ideal for students who are interested in Marketing And Promotion 11 or Accounting 11 in their senior years or those who wish to become an entrepreneur and start their own businesses.

ACCOUNTING 11                             

This is a course in basic accounting principles and their applications. It is highly recommended for any student who plans on pursuing a career in Business/Commerce to take this first level course or for any student who has a desire to become an Entrepreneur and start their own business venture.  It is also an ideal course for those seeking entry-level employment in the accounting field.

Topics to be covered are: assets, liabilities and equity, general ledger, subsidiary ledgers, journal entries, trial balance, financial statements: income statement and balance sheet, worksheets and closing entries and source documents – all these terms will be explained and covered in the course.

A unit on personal income tax is also included in this course where students understand the basics of Canada’s tax system and prepare a simplified tax return.

Textbooks are online and accessible by any computer.  An optional workbook with all assignment forms and documents is strongly recommended at a cost of under $30 (and the same workbook can be used in the follow-up course).


Prerequisite: ACCOUNTING 11

This course stresses the practical application of the principles taught in Accounting 11, using more advanced procedures and techniques. Advanced concepts such as payroll, depreciation, and internal control will be introduced.  The focus will not only be on service businesses but also on manufacturing businesses.

Accounting 12 is a useful course for any student who expects to go directly into employment in business. Those students who intend to complete a university business degree, college business diploma or a professional accounting degree are strongly advised to take this course. Accounting software will be introduced to students in this course.  Advanced concepts of financial accounting encourage students to develop analytical, decision-making and communication skills.


This course is an introductory activity-based course in the basics of marketing from a retail perspective. 

Topics in Marketing 11 include advertising (television, magazine, radio, outdoor and online), ad design, sales promotion, marketing research and strategies, visual merchandising, distribution channels, public relations, packaging, pricing strategies, ethics and subliminal advertising. 

Discussions and activities around popular culture related to marketing as well as possible field trips and projects and presentations will be used to acquire insider knowledge about the methods used to attract customers to products and services from a retailing perspective.

Among the projects, students will create a business plan, print ad, 3D layout, website and video commercial for an entrepreneurial enterprise of their choosing.


Depending upon class dynamics, this course may involve the running of a student based school store where students, as a class, will make marketing, purchasing and accounting decisions. 

Students will also be working with local businesses on their marketing plans based upon the needs of the businesses – social media campaigns, video commercials, marketing research, SWOT analyses, website creation and other projects will make up the unit.

Students will also redesign the school logo and sell school clothing to incoming Grade 7 students as well as the general McNair population marketing in person as well as online.  Students will be involved in a Cancer fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

E-Commerce retailing will be covered through case studies, discussions and projects and applied to the above projects and throughout the curriculum.

Topics include a review of Marketing 11 concepts, and the introduction of Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research and Strategies, Sales and Promotion, Global retailing/e-tailing, Business Start-up & Entrepreneurship, and Event Planning.


This course will provide students with the opportunity to study and investigate individual identity, personality, human development, gender roles, abnormal behaviour, stereotyping, research methods in psychology, theories and stages of human development and an understanding of interpersonal relationships.

Psychology 12 will allow students to take psychological concepts and apply them in the real world by conducting actual experiments to identify and evaluate theories, interpret data and to develop an understanding of the influences on human behaviour.  All of this will be done through a course long game.

Psychology 12 topics will include but are not limited to sibling rivalry, parent-child relations, stress management, adolescent development, lying, love and other emotions, bullying, test taking strategies and adjusting to post-secondary life, etc.  Popular culture references will abound during the discussion stage of this course.

This course is recommended for any student who wants a better understanding of their own and other’s behavior and motivations.  The course will give university/college bound students a great introduction to the Psychology field at that level.