Home Economics


This is a 6 week exploratory course in which all grade 8 students will gain experience in the applied skills subjects: Art, Business Education, Drama, Home Economics, Music and Technology Education.  Students will spend one third of a semester in each of the areas of study.

TEXTILES  9/10 (HET 10) 

This course is designed to help students further develop their skills in hand and machine sewing. Students will complete a variety of samples and projects which will expose them to commercial patterns, allow them to make pattern alterations and use fitting techniques to produce garments that are comfortable and attractive. The principles of design and color as well as characteristics of fibers will be considered in the selection of patterns and fabrics which will individualize student projects.

FOODS 9/10  (MFDN 09/MFDN 10)

This course is open to students who are interested in gaining up-to-date knowledge of the basic principles of food preparation, cookery, and nutrition for everyday life. It will allow students an opportunity to prepare, serve, and enjoy nutritious, appetizing recipes while employing time and resource management skills.

TEXTILE 11 (TEX 11)          

This is recommended for students who want to learn how to select clothing that suits their personality and figure type.  They will learn how to individualize for and to develop advanced sewing skills so they can select almost any pattern and make a quality garment.  Projects selected will involve such techniques as notched collars, linings, underlinings, and special types of seams and finishes.  The number of garments will vary according to the complexity of the designs and the requirements of the fabric chosen.  

TEXTILE 12 (TEX 12)          

This advanced course is designed for those with a sincere interest in fine-tuning their skills in sewing and in manipulating pattern pieces to create individual designs. Areas of emphasis include pattern design and sewing techniques that relate to fabrics requiring special handling, advanced sewing and tailoring techniques, combining and manipulating patterns to suit taste. Leather, lace, taffeta, velvets, fake furs and outdoor-wear fabrics will be explored and used in projects.  The choice of projects will be determined by the design and fabrics students wish to explore. The number of garments will vary according to the complexity of the designs and the requirements of the fabric chosen. This course is a prerequisite for post-secondary courses in fashion design and fashion merchandising.

FOOD STUDIES 11 (FDS 11)                           

Meals and special occasion meals and dishes will be planned and prepared using practical and theoretical knowledge of nutrition and the principles and techniques involved in both food preparation and meal planning. 

FOOD STUDIES 12 (FDS 12)                           

This course covers advanced techniques and knowledge in the area of foods and nutrition. Areas covered are: food preservation, comparative cookery, diet and disease, meal planning and preparation and international food study. Individual practice and responsibility are stressed in planning and preparing of high quality products. Written work relative to topics outlined is assigned. Evaluation is based on tests, written assignments, projects and labs. 


This course focuses on three major areas of study: family resource management, changing lifestyles and relationships in the adult years, and child development.  Topics of study include: family function, structure and changes, the physical, emotional, intellectual and social adjustments that are necessary through the stages of child birth, growth and development from birth to school age, and adulthood.

FAMILY STUDIES 11/12 (FM 11/12)

This course offers students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. Areas of study include physical, social and mental development of the adolescent, individual identity, human potential, relationships and social skills, individual resource management, communications skills, community resources and teen concerns such as drug and alcohol abuse, and stress management.