Leadership 12

This is a locally developed course intended to assist students in developing leadership skills and strategies.  This course will include a variety of topics that will encourage an interactive, cooperative environment allowing students to explore skills learned in the classroom in real life situations.  Project based learning will drive this course giving the students the opportunity to discover their own areas of interest.  This course is open to grade 11 and 12 students.

NOTE: This course will be offered as a linear (September-June) on-line course.  Students who are taking this course will be required to meet a minimum of once a week either early in the morning, at lunch or after school.  This will be determined once the course has started.

This is the second year of a new curriculum for Math 8 and 9 that emphasizes developing mathematical competencies as a vehicle to learn mathematical content.  Teachers of these classes will be focusing on reasoning, communication, and sense-making using the content of the course.  In all courses that are pre-requisites for a later course, students will have multiple attempts to successfully complete an assessment at the end of the course to ensure they have developed all the basic procedural knowledge to allow success in the next course.