Performing Arts - Theatre


This is a 6 week exploratory course in which all grade 8 students will gain experience in the fine arts subjects: Art, Drama and Music. Students will spend one-third of a semester in each of the above areas of study.

DRAMA 9 (DR 9)

This is an exploratory course in creative Drama where students build upon the skills explored in Drama 8. This course is designed to develop self-confidence and self-esteem while working together as a group using Drama techniques. The course is not performance based; rather the emphasis is on participation.

DRAMA 10 (DRG 10)                       

This is an exploratory course in creative Drama where students begin to examine some of the basic components of theatre such as characterization, play building and basic video production. Like Drama 9, the course is designed to build personal skills such as self-confidence and self-esteem in a safe group environment. The course is not performance based; rather the emphasis is on participation.

ACTING 11 (TPA 11)          

Acting 11 begins to shift the focus from creative exploratory Drama to more technique based performance skills. Students will begin to develop the skills necessary to work with a script such as interpretation, characterization and critique. They will also have the opportunity to create and perform their own material. Techniques touched upon in junior Drama will be further developed in this course. New fields of study include mask work, make-up application, scripted monologue, scripted scene work and video production. Only self-motivated and disciplined students should enroll.

ACTING 12 (TPA 12) 
Prerequisite:  ACT 11 or instructor's permission

This course is designed for those students interested in learning the finer points and techniques of performance. It allows those students interested in pursuing theatre to explore various styles of classic theatre and techniques to be developed include a selection of Commedia Dell'Arte, Greek, Shakespearian and Contemporary. Play building techniques will be used to develop a show for elementary school audiences. This course will prepare serious theatre students for post-secondary theatre training and/or work.

STAGECRAFT 11 (TPR 11)                

An introductory course designed to give the student the opportunity to study the technical aspects of theatre. Each student will explore the basic principles of set design, costume design, lighting design, make-up techniques and set construction. These activities will run concurrently with the usual work-a-day activities of the theatre such as basic carpentry, costume alterations, painting and so on. Students will also look briefly at the history of stagecraft. Knowledge gained in this course may be put into practice by working on the technical crew of school productions. Students should note that great emphasis in this course is placed on participation and self-discipline. 

Prerequisite: TPR 11

This course is a continuation of Stagecraft 11 with an emphasis on leadership.  Students are expected to take on a leadership role in the daily routines of the theatre.  This may include set construction, costume construction, prop building and theatre management.  Students are required to be involved in the crew of one of our theatre productions.  This is a very hands-on, practical course and self-discipline and self-motivation are essential for success.

Prerequisite: Acting 11

This course is taught in a non-traditional manner. The class will be run in a collaborative professional workshop environment where students are required to share and participate fully in the theatrical production process. Students develop, first hand, a language for the stage in their writing which can be read by those directing it. Students will be required to both write and direct a one-act play. Final projects will be performed in the setting of a one-act festival.

(MWEX 2A)    

Do you think a career in the theatre, either as a performer or backstage as a crew member, is for you? This course is designed to let you experience the reality of this career by doing work placements in professional, semi-professional and community theatre. Each student must complete a minimum of 120 hours in a theatre placement. These placements are usually done in the evening and weekends to coincide with various theatrical productions. Course enrolment is limited. See Mrs. Watts for more information.


Courses will depend upon your area of interest.  Please speak to Mrs. Watts.