YEARBOOK 10, 11 and 12 (Online Only)
Recommended:  Proficiency with the English language.

Yearbook 10/11/12 is a course whose primary purpose is to produce the Matthew McNair Secondary School yearbook. 

Students require strong self-motivation, good time management and organizational skills as well as the ability to work in teams. Students will meet with the teacher once per week after school for planning purposes.

They will be responsible for taking digital photos, conducting interviews, composing, designing, and editing all elements of text, graphic art, and digital photography layouts. Students will be instructed on most of these elements but it would be beneficial for them to have some prior knowledge such as In Design or Photoshop or creative writing but this is not necessary.

This course requires students to be available outside of regular class hours to attend sporting events, student activities, etc. Although this course is offered in the first semester, the Yearbook will take most of the year to complete, so students will have to meet once a week outside of regular school hours (either at lunch or after school) in second semester as well.

The culmination of this course is the production and proud distribution of the McNair yearbook that was fully created by the students in the course.