For purposes of checking records and interviewing, students are assigned to specific counsellors. Students are welcome to work with any counsellor regarding personal concerns.

Counsellors will check all students’ records as they progress towards graduation and advise individuals of any problems that might hinder graduation at the expected time. The alphabetic breakdown of students assigned for each counselor is:    

Ms. D. Ozla, BEd, MA   (Last names A - K)               

Ms. C. Bagnall, BA, BEd, MA, RCC  (Last names L - Z)

Who Are We?

Counsellors are certified teachers who have specialized training with a Master’s degree, in the areas of individual and group counselling, adolescent development, and mental health issues.

We provide support in the follow areas:

Students may make appointments with the counselors during school hours, before or after school, and at lunch. Parents are also welcome to phone counsellors if they have any questions or concerns or to make an appointment  

  • crisis counselling involving home or school problems.
  • resolving problems arising from difficulties related to class and/or school routines and policies
  • inter-community referrals to qualified specialists who may offer additional assistance.


  • course planning leading to graduation, post-secondary education, and employment.
  • arranging assistance for students experiencing academic difficulties.
  • providing scholarship information and applications.


  • referring students to prospective employers who have contacted the school.
  • exploring career alternatives and checking for prerequisite courses and requirements for various occupations

How to Access a Counsellor

Sign up in the Counselling Centre across from the library.  Appointment slips are outside the counselling office doors.

Personal Counselling
Group or individual sessions are offered, as need arises, on issues such as the following adolescent concerns:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide
  • Substance use
  • Self-esteem
  • Sexual identity
  • Grief
  • Family relationships
  • Peer issues


We can help connect you with appropriate community resources as needed.


We offer mediation for students as an opportunity to resolve conflicts.  These may be between two or more students or between a student and teacher.

Academic/Career Counselling

We strive to help students achieve the highest academic standards that they can attain.  In order to help students be successful we offer the following services:

  • Providing information about  graduation requirements
  • Getting interim reports
  • Connecting students with tutors
  • Placement into special programs such as Learning Assistance
  • Providing information about course selection
  • Providing post-secondary and career information
  • Helping students with decision making regarding future careers

CONFIDENTIALITY!  What Does It Mean At McNair Secondary?

Confidentiality is keeping discussions and information private between the counsellor and the client, in most cases this would be the student.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously at McNair.  If you have concerns about confidentiality please discuss them immediately with your counsellor.

Confidentiality will be maintained at all times except for the following three exceptions:

  • You are going to hurt yourself.
  • You are going to hurt someone else.
  • You have been hurt by someone else.

If any of the above situations arise the counselor will discuss the options available to you in regards to staying safe.  Your counsellor will always tell you if confidentiality cannot be maintained.

If you are looking for support, acceptance, empathy and information come to the counselling centre and introduce yourself to us.

























The goal of student services at McNair is to assist students to be successful in all aspects of their schooling. As a result of successful and meaningful experiences in school, we believe that students will be better prepared to meet challenges after graduation.

Student services include the following:  Counseling, the Career Resource Advisor, the Resource Department, the Library, the school nurse, and the Cafeteria food services.


1. Incoming Grade 8 Students

Program planning for Grade 8 students begins in the spring of a student's Grade 7 year.  At this time the Grade 7 classes visit McNair for a morning.  They are given information on many aspects of the school and their Grade 8 program.  They tour the school, participate in some group activities and have lunch.  In addition, counselors and administrators hold an information evening for parents.  We encourage all parents to attend and participate actively in their son/daughter's program planning.

2. Students at McNair

Program planning for students who are already at McNair is completed at the school in the spring each year. Sessions focus on informing students of the graduation requirements and providing them with information about post-secondary opportunities and entrance requirements. This allows students to begin thinking about life after secondary school. Students must select courses that they will be happy with as course changes will be very difficult to make after the timetable has been built.

During late August, all registered students receive a package of materials necessary for school start-up on September 3.

If there are any problems with the courses or if students need some help in planning timetables, counselors are available at the school during the week before school opens Aug. 26 - 30. Please call the school to make an Appointment.


Career Information Events

Student Advisors from various colleges and universities will meet to inform parents and students about their programs, financial aid, activities and admission requirements. Please take note of