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McNair’s numerous Art courses are designed to develop artistic ability in beginners while allowing advanced student artists to develop their skills and stretch their imagination as well.  We experiment by using a variety of subjects and materials with a strong emphasis on creative thinking.  But most importantly, we emphasize that creative thinking changes the world!  Most projects will be teacher-led but there will be plenty of opportunities for students to pursue personal themes and imagery.  Art offers a variety of courses that will meet students’ interests.  For example, Photo students will use their images of the world around them and then manipulate the pictures in Photoshop to help others see their subject in a new light. In our Art programs, students will only be limited by their imagination!


In addition, projects completed in any of the Art courses may form part of a developing student portfolio for use in the future, whether it be for employment or arts education at the post secondary level. One of the course offerings, Studio AP Art is entirely designed to assist and guide the student towards preparation of a portfolio. 


Let your imagination soar to places it’s never gone to before! 


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The McNair Music Department is comprised of 6 performing ensembles.  We have four band Junior Band, Intermediate Band, Senior Band and Jazz Band.  Students that are new to a concert band instrument or have played for a long time all will be welcomed in one of our ensembles.  We also offer a String Ensemble for Violin, Viola, Cello and Upright Bass.  This group will cater to all levels, including students who have never played a string instrument before but would like to learn.   We also have a Choir which welcome students that have never performed in a choir as well as students with experience singing either alone or in a group.  Our ensembles participate in tours, retreats and festivals throughout the year as well as group performances.  For more information visit our web site at





McNair has long been recognized as having one of the largest and most successful theatre programs in the Richmond School District. We take pride in cultivating excellence by drawing on professionals from the theatre community to work alongside and mentor our students. Many of our students have gone on to attend the most illustrious theatre schools in North America, and have gone on to have successful careers in Film, TV, Theatre and Voice.


Along with our strong focus on performance, Theatre McNair also offers hands-on technical training for those interested in working behind the scenes. We proudly offer Stagecraft 11/12 as a stand-alone course. Our theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, used in most major theatres across North America. This practical experience enriches our students and prepares them to work in the professional world. As a result, many of our graduates have moved on to work behind the scenes as designers and technicians alike.


Our entries into One-Act Zone Festivals have been awarded with numerous awards for excellence and our Spring Productions draw huge audiences every year. Past Productions include: The Lion King, The Hobbit, Alladin, Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, Sleepy Hollow, Grease, Il Campiello and The Wizard of Oz.