Richmond Public Health Services

Public Health Nurses in high schools:

- Act as a support and resource to help students, families and school staff access appropriate health services

- Offer immunizations to students in Gr 9 and at the Richmond Immunization clinic

- Provide sexual health services at Richmond Youth Clinic.


Richmond Youth Clinic:

Free and confidential sexual health services for youth under 21, including:

STI testing/treatment, birth control, morning after pill, pregnancy testing, PAP testing, mental health counseling/referral                      

Clinics -

Mon/Fri   appts only

Tue           appts and drop in (Cambie location)

Wed         appts and drop in 

Call 604-233-3204 for more information or to make an appointment is external)

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Richmond Immunization Clinic:

Every Tues - Call 604-233-3176 for an appointment is external)


Both services offered at Richmond Public Health, 8100 Granville Ave.  Please see the attached map.