Humanitarian efforts

Balding for Dollars

As has become the tradition at McNair, April is Cancer Awareness month, and Mr. Sangha and his Marketing 12 class put on a very popular fundraiser for the BC Cancer Society.  So many people in our community have been impacted by this disease, and McNair is no exception.  In fact, just 6 short years ago, the Principal of the school, Mr. Lorne Bodin, passed away after a bout with stomach cancer.

Terry Fox Run

By Ashley Li

The goal was in sight. My lungs welcomed the air with rejoice, and each ardent step brought me closer to a steady rhythm that slowly resonated throughout my body. The sun was surprisingly hot and bright for a day in October, yet it provided the perfect weather conditions for the Terry Fox Run.

We Scare Hunger

by Ashley Li

It would surprise you, the people who go to your local food bank. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the homeless who visit the food bank as their last resort for food. And it is not only the homeless who feel the indomitable sting of winter, or worry about their income and how they will put food on the table for their families, or simply themselves.