Grade 8 Retreat and Sleepover

Another of the activities that McNair Secondary School uses to try and build connections and a sense of CARE for our newest students in the Grade 8 Retreat and Sleepover.  This year we hosted the two-day event on Friday, September 13th and Saturday, September 14th.  Students were charged $50 each and were each given a McNair Class of 2024 t-shirt as well as snacks and food for lunch, dinner and breakfast on Saturday morning.  The students engaged in a Welcoming Ceremonies (the entire event was coordinated and organized by the Grade 11/12 Leadership class under the guidance of Mrs. Blair and our Counsellors-Mrs. Bagnall and Mrs. Ozla), then were led through some communication and relationship sessions facilitated by the group called SAFETEEN.  Following the two hour seminars, the students got a pizza lunch and then hopped on school buses to go Bowling at Lucky 9 Lanes in Richmond.

After a couple of hours of Bowling, the students returned to school by bus and were served a BBQ hamburger dinner and then engaged in some games (scavenger hunts and Amazing Race competitions) all around the school.  We then had students make up their beds and watch a movie in the Large Gym.  As the evening was winding down (around 10:00 PM), the students were asked to write a letter to themselves that is given back to them in their Grade 12 year as they prepare to Graduate!  The Grade 8's all slept in teh large gym in sleepIng bags and at approximately 12:00 midnight, we told them it was devices and lights off and time for sleep.

The students seemed to really enjoy themselves, got to know the school a little better, and made some connections with each other as they started to become the Class of 2024!  Special thanks must go out to all the Leadership students who helped supervise and organize the event, as well as the several staff who ensured that everyone was safe and having a good time.

Events such as these go a long way towards making McNair the type of school that students are proud and excited to be a part of!

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021