Student Attendance


At McNair, we believe that attendance is vital to success in school.  We also expect students to attend regularly.

If a student is ill and unable to come to school, a parent should call the school before 9:00 a.m. (6042956427).

If any students are absent and the school has not been informed, the office will attempt to contact parents at home or work. These calls will take place after the first block attendance has been taken, and a list of absentees has been produced.

Early Dismissal

A student who must leave the school before the end of the school day, due to either illness or an appointment, must sign out at the main office before they leave. 


It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that school age children attend school on time. Teachers will deal with lates on an individual basis. Consequences for frequent tardiness will include referral to administration and a parent meeting.

Truancy or “skipping” will result in parental contact, and referral to administration.  Students who miss class time don’t do as well in school.  Senior students with poor attendance may be withdrawn.