About Us


Matthew McNair Secondary School first opened in September 1971 as the third senior secondary school for the city of Richmond.  The school is named after Matthew McNair (1889 to 1971), a pioneer farmer and businessman who, in 1911, settled in Richmond where he established a milk delivery service. After serving in World War I, he bought some acreage in south Richmond.  As well, he served as municipal Councillor from 1946 to 1948 and on the Boards of the Potato Growers’ Association, Richmond Kiwanis, and the local Board of Trade. 

The school has undergone a continuous number of renovations and additions since 1975.  In 1996, a new kitchen, drama room, and gymnasium were completed which coincided with McNair being converted to a full-spectrum secondary school housing Grades 8 to 12. McNair is proud to host 5 feeder schools: Hamilton Elementary, Walter Lee Elementary, Kingswood Elementary, Thomas Kidd Elementary, and Woodward Elementary.

The school colours, blue and white led by your school mascot the Marlin.  Our motto, "McNair, A Caring Community" is reflected in our inclusive school environment.  McNair has been recognized for its outstanding Performing Arts - Theatre and Music.  The school offers many opportunites for a wide range of learners.  Specialized programs such as our Culinary Arts Cafeteria, Auto-Aprrenticeship Program, Integrated Academics and our McNair Mini-School allow students to have a diverse and enriched education.  

The McNair Marlins have established a rich history and developed a legacy of excellence - in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in fine and performing arts.