Students will be assigned a locker and a lock during the first week of school.  Students must use the locker and lock that they are assigned, and may not move or change their locker throughout the year.  Students are not permitted to bring their own locks from home.  Students are also responsible for the condition of their locker during the year. It is advisable that students do not bring valuables to school and should not share their lock combinations with anyone.


Cell Phones & Digital Cameras

In the case of an emergency, parent(s) or guardian(s) can phone the school office, and the student will be called from class. Students should not use their cell phone during classtime unless by permission from their classroom teacher.  Students with digital cameras need to know that it is unacceptable to take someone’s picture or photograph school material without permission.  Students who violate this policy may have their phone/camera confiscated by the school.


Portable Audio/Video Players

Other electronic devices such as MP3 players, Ipads, handheld electronic games, etc. impede learning and disrupt other students in most classrooms and library situations and should not be used unless permitted by the teacher. It is strongly advised that students do not bring electronics to school.  These devices should be turned off and put away during class time, or may be confiscated.



Food is available in the cafeteria before school, at break, and at lunch.  A well-balanced selection of food is available at reasonable prices, as part of the healthy food choices initiative.  We expect that students will behave in a way that makes the cafeteria a pleasant and comfortable place for everybody to enjoy.


RCMP Liaison Officer

Our liaison officer is part of the RCMP School Liaison Program designed to build better relationships through positive personal contact, service, education, and assistance in dealing with criminal problems.  The School Liaison Officer - Cst. K. Owens, is available as a resource person for students and staff and can provide general information on Police-related matters.  Students can contact our RCMP liaison officer by leaving a note in the main office.


Withdrawal from a class

Students may not drop a class without seeing a counsellor or obtaining approval from the administration.  If the course is not deleted from the student’s timetable, the student will continue to have absences recorded for the course, and will be assigned a grade.


Study Locations

Grade 12 students with a study block should spend their time in the student study centre, cafeteria, or in the library.  Students are not permitted to wander the halls or hang out in any of the parking lots during school time.


Library Resource Centre

Mr. S. Gold & Ms. C. Renay

The McNair Library has a fully automated catalogue and more than 20 computer work stations for internet use and word processing.  Classroom teachers regularly book classes into the library for general orientations, research projects, reading advisory and various lessons essential for good research practice.  Students may visit the library during class time (with permission from their teacher) and students on study blocks are welcome to study or read in the library.

McNair’s library has a photocopier and laser printer available for a minimal cost.