Student Survey: How are you?

A group of our staff analyzed our school survey results with a plan to:

  1. Analyze the data and focus on two concerns/suggestions from the students that we, as a school, could focus our attention. 
  2. Using the quantitative and qualitative data that we obtained, we could then come together to forumulate a plan that enhances student learning and school community.

The data provided will be very helpful as we move back to a regular semester system especially as we address questions like: I feel that I am prepared for the next level of learning in my courses. …I have a sense of belonging in my school community.

In an ever-changing unknown time that we and our students are experiencing, it is of utmost importance that we listen to their feedback, keep doing what is working, and work towards addressing the needs of our student body.

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021