Inspired Learners - A Connected Learning Community

Schools are and must be the place to teach and model compassion, empathy and understanding. Compassion creates stronger connection between people; it improves collaboration and raises levels of trust. Creating a sense of belonging leads to individuals contributing to full potential.

We were thoughtful and took our time when we were building awareness and engagement with Core Competencies and extending this to Assessment Practices - and we continue to be thoughtful, encouraging and patient. Students were able to show vulnerability in their Capstone Presentations - as they linked their learning and understanding of self to the language of Core Competencies. Students once again excelled in the Canadian Scholastic Achievement League’s Grade 8 Scholastic Challenge 2022; McNair’s School Champion was also the Provincial Champion.

These qualities of care – of understanding the context of the school and the people in it - provide a sense of stability to move forward – to set goals and to raise the bar of what we hope to accomplish: and that is “to inspire and support everyone in our educational community to be lifelong learners.”

Updated: Thursday, July 7, 2022