Program Planning 2023

The program planning process is an important part of our academic year here at McNair. We are very pleased to offer a robust list of course options for our students. Students should be aware that the choices that they make in this process will determine the classes that we offer in our school next year. It is for this reason that we ask students to consider their choices carefully and be sure of their decisions so that we can build the best possible timetable for all students.

The information linked above should help to guide students through this process. Please take note of the important dates listed below.

Date Program Planning Event
Week of January 23 Grade 7 Feeder School Visits
January 26 McNair Open House and Parent Program Planning Information
February 3 Mini School Applications Due
February 9 Program Planning Assemblies by Grade
February 13–16 Classroom Visits by Counsellors
February 13–20 Students Enter Course Selections Online
February 15 Grade 8 Course Planning Sheets Due to Grade 7 Teachers
February 21 Signed Program Planning Forms Due